Server requires authentication (kobocollect v2022.4.4)

hi, am having an error while accessing on kobocollect (server requires authentication "invalid username or password for server: i have aslo unchecked the require authentication but it has not helped

Welcome to the community, @runomwangi! Have you gone through our support article that should outline how to configure your Collect Android App?

Feel free to reach us back if the issue is still on.

I have, but it has proved ineffective

@runomwangi, can you log in to your account through the browser using the same login credentials?

Maybe this post discussed previously should also help you check the right server you are using. Sometimes using the wrong server login could also cause this issue:

Yes i can log in

In this case, it seems that you are using the correct login credentials. Could you now share with us the screenshot (SETTINGS>SERVER) from your app?

This should give us a clue of how you have configured your app.

@runomwangi, you could use the following URL:

Instead of using the URL:

You are using an additional / at the URL’s end that is unnecessary.

Still not working

@runomwangi, this is something different. You could configure this settings as outlined in this post discussed previously: