Sharing projects from HHI to OCHA servers

I kindly ask everyone’s support to understand how to share a project from an account on HHI server to another account OCHA server.
Deleting and recreating one of the two accounts is not an option unless we can save the projects from the account to be deleted and reopen.
Who can support please?

Hi @leonardo_sartori welcome to the community!

According to Which Server Should I Use? — KoboToolbox documentation help article:

A very important thing to keep in mind is that sharing projects and data between the two servers is not possible. This means all users working on a shared project need to be using the same server to do so.

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Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya . Would you recommend a way to shift some projects from one to another? Is there any option that makes it easy? Thanks!

@leonardo_sartori, we don’t have a built-in feature in KoboToolbox that can do this, but we have a python script that should be able to do the same. FYR:

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