Skip logic for Question Matrix

Hi! How do I add a skip logic for Question Matrix? I have been able to do so for other data types but not for the question matrix. Thanks


Unfortunately you cannot include skip logic inside a question matrix. Sorry!


KPI form builder doesn’t give you the ability to add skip logic for Matrix questions. However, if you are desparate, you can hand edit the resulting XLSForm to add a relevant expression to specific cells in resulting matrix. Each row in your matrix becomes a group, and each column in each group becomes a separate text question. eg a 2-row 2-column ‘matrix’ comes out as:

begin_group group_pe8vr52_header w3
note group_pe8vr52_header_note matrix w1 false
note group_pe8vr52_header_column Column1 w1 false
note group_pe8vr52_header_column_1 Column2 w1 false
begin_group group_pe8vr52_row w3
note group_pe8vr52_row_note ##### Row1 w1 false
text group_pe8vr52_row_column <span style="display:none">row-Column1</span> w1 no-label false
text group_pe8vr52_row_column_1 <span style="display:none">row-Column2</span> w1 no-label false
begin_group group_pe8vr52_row_1 w3
note group_pe8vr52_row_1_note ##### Row2 w1 false
text group_pe8vr52_row_1_column <span style="display:none">row_1-Column1</span> w1 no-label false
text group_pe8vr52_row_1_column_1 <span style="display:none">row_1-Column2</span> w1 no-label false

The very first group is just the column titles, and the first note question in each group is that row’s title. But as you can see, the 4 matrix cells - all text questions - are explicitly in the XLSForm and could potentially have their own relevant expression.

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thanks a lot.

Doing it through the XLS Form,

Best is to design the table in KPI form builder if you are not used to XLS form, then in the project download the XLS form and add a column “relevant” where you put your skipping logic

Have fun!