Storage capacity 5 GB

Bonjour chers tous. J’espère que vous allez bien
J’ai besoin de comprendre un aspect.
Selon les dernières nouvelles, Kobo octroie 5 GB d’espace de stockage par mois.
J’ai un questionnaire d’au moins 200 questions. On doit collecte auprès de 1200 individus.
Est-ce que cette capacité peut me permettre de faire ma collecte. Je rappelle que la taille de l’échantillon est de 1200. Donc 1200 soumissions en 2 semaines
Veuillez bien vouloir m’aider à mieux comprendre cet aspect
Cordialement Vincent

Welcome back to the community, @etchin! Please be informed that storage differs from submission. A single interview captured in a form is a submission. In contrast, if you have media files (like audio, video, recordings, images, signatures) for that interview, they go up for storage. You can collect 5k monthly submissions and 1 GB of storage for the community plan. However, if you feel like either should exceed, you must upgrade your account to a paid plan.

You should always be able to monitor your submission/storage use as outlined in this announcement:

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Dear All, On September 1, 2023, KoboToolbox launched a new free Community Plan that includes 5,000 monthly submissions and 1 GB of file storage. Every user on the free plan will enjoy a 6-month transition period with 10,000 sends per month and 5 GB of file storage. After March 1 2024, your account will be transferred to the Community Package, and new restrictions will apply.---->Hi support team, do these conditions also apply to me who just created a kobotoolbox account in February 2024? Thank you…