Submission submitted from KoBoCollect android app but not appearing in database

@cena, could you also explain a bit about your issue?

Hello, our team has been facing the same problem- field workers are collecting data and even sending it. from their Kobo Collect mobile applications The form appears on their ‘View Sent Forms’ (with a green cloud symbol). However, despite that we do not see the submission on our kobo server. We have also faced this problem a couple of times before.
Please do guide us on this.

@nidhi_h, do you see any deviations in the total number of submissions (as seen in the top right corner) and the total as shown in the table?

If both these figures are the same, then it should not be the case of a sync issue.

Yes, both the total submissions and table figures are the same. But, as seen below there are entries where the start date is January 4th and end date is only Jan 13th or Jan 20th.

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 17.05.38

Moreover, our field functionaries are reporting they have submitted the data and we can see their sent forms in their View Sent Forms section too. But we have not yet received the data.

Maybe it’s because they collected the data on 4th January and made some edits on 13th January. You will need to confirm this or make some dummy entry and edit the same on a different date to see how the date behaves.

Could you explain this a bit on how you validated who sent the submissions to the server? Did you have some variables (like the name of the enumerator, district, or some sort of area assigned to the enumerator) that could track this in the dataset?

Yes, we have name of the District, ICDS project, ICDS Beat and centre to validate who sent the submissions. For e.g. in the photo below: the ICDS supervisor has submitted the following forms for each of her Beat on February 6, 2022 but as of February 15, 2022 this entry does not show on our server.

@nidhi_h, would you also manually check the submissions (by checking the variables and it’s details that has been collected) from the Collect android app to see if they were the same submissions that are still missing in the server?

Yes, we have manually checked each entry. Here is the list of centres that have sent their data (visible in their view sent form section) but it is not reached our database.

Amravati Div_geo mapping done but not received informaton list.xlsx (21.0 KB)

@nidhi_h, would you mind checking the server settings of the Collect android app to see where the submissions have reached? Sometimes, it may reach to a different account and you may be searching it in a different one.

Checked that too, the kobo account where we search and where we receive submissions is the same.

@nidhi_h, could you provide me the details and screenshots through a private message? Maybe that should be helpful for me to understand further.

Dear @Kal_Lam

I think I may have the same issue again. There are 11 Submissions for which our study enumerators have confirmed with screenshots that they submitted to the server however they are not appearing on the kobotool box web app in the table view and do not appear in the downloaded data. Can you check whether there is a sync error again?

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@cp622, could you provide me the following through a private message? Maybe I could have a closer look at your case.

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

You should be able to send me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Hi @Kal_lam

Just wanted to double check taht you received the private mail i sent earlier?

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Thank you @cp622, received your PM. Will reach back to you soon.

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Hi @cp622, please note that I have synced the submissions for this project and there were 12 submissions that needed to be refreshed — hopefully those were the missing ones you pointed out.

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Hi @Josh

Many thanks those new submissions match what I was missing :slight_smile:

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Hi @Josh,
I am running into a similar issue. One of my forms says it sent, but it is not appearing on the server. Even though it says it sent in the Sent Forms tab of Collect, I can the form in Edit Saved Forms too, When I try to finalize this version to send again, the app says that it cannot Finalize because the form is missing an InstanceID.
Can you please advise what to do to either find the version of the form that was sent to the server or resend it from Edit Saved Forms?

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Hi @akhess, can you please send me the following details in a private message and I will resync the submissions on the server if the issue is there.

  • server (Kobo/OCHA)
  • username
  • project name
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Hi! I am facing the same issue. enumerators are uploading data but few are not appearing in the database. what should I do ?