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Hello Kobotoolbox community. Firstly I would like to congratulate you for developing this essential tool that can be easily used. I have been used this kobotoolbox for the last few years and it helped me significantly, Today, i am here to make some suggestions regarding my experience of utilizing this wonderful tool; despite it is vital advantages, I would like the kobotoolbox team to consider adding a new features to this tool such as:

  1. when you are downloading a submitted data, you can not download data of specific data if your data has different date of submissions. this feature is critical and would help the kobo users a lot. I should be able to download if I want to download data of X date and without downloading whole submitted data.
  2. The second point is the analysis of the kobotoolbox dashboard is minimum and you can not execute of good analysis. Therefore, it would be better if you can develop an advance dashboard that you can make good analysis.
    Thank you
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Welcome back to the community, @mohd23! Regarding your suggestions …

Suggestion 1:

We already have a feature request for this which you should be able to follow and VOTE for it to make it a reality:

Also, please be informed that you should be able to filter and download your data using the API as discussed here:

Suggestion 2:

Could you elaborate suggestion 2 further so that we should also be able to understand it clearly? At the moment, it seems that your suggestion seems to be generic here. It would help us (improve our dashboard) if you should be able to be more specific on what is missing.