Supervising data collectors

I have several inquiries
first when creating a data collection form and share it with users they can’t find it on Kobo application using their credentials, so it there a solution for this issue?
Second, if some of data collectors should be supervised by someone who should view and permit their submission , How can I do that on Kobo App?

Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously, it should solve your issue (here try configuring your Collect android app as discussed and also follow the instructions on how data is collected with row-level-permissions):


it didn’t work
let me explain more:
this is user A\A who created the form and check “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” then he gave permission to user B to submit forms.
User B use in server setting in his android app. then he enter username and password in the App. He got the blank form and fill in forms and submit.
up till now everything is fine.
the problem came when user c use in his application and add username and password.
After that USER C is not able to see submitted forms from user B on his android app.
How can we solve this problem since USER C is field supervisor for more than one user and he should view and validate submissions of other users

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In a row-level-permissions one user i.e. User_B is not able to see the submissions of User_C nor is User_C able to see the submissions made by User_B. It’s only the admin who is able to view the submissions of both User_B as well as User_C.

If and incase you wish User_B and User_C to be able to see the submissions made by each other, you will need to change the configuration settings (i.e. remove row-level-permissions) and provide necessary access accordingly.

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How can I give permission to USER C who is field supervisor for more than one user to view and validate others submissions and if this will work on KOBO app or KOBO website?

Have you had a chance to have a look at our support article Row-Level Permissions. It should solve your issue.

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