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Hello Team

For external files we are getting this error from the start,We creating it manually from an excel sheet but the problem we can not make changes in UI kpi

kindly fix this in coming updates


Yes, this is a know issue. For this, you should not make edits and save. If you do so, you may risk of loosing your select_one_from_file question. Carry on without editing your survey project in the form builder UI. If you need to make edits, you will need to do them through the xlsform and that should not affect your project.


can we update the select one from file instead XLS manually

cant we do this UI end like select one from file and add the external csv name there ?

Sorry did not get it clearly. Could you please simplify it again?

Hello @Kal_Lam

When we are importing select one from CSV in media, then we are unable to edit it in kobo builder questions in UI

Yes, you got that correct! When you have a select_one_from_file, you are not able to edit your survey project through the form builder UI. In such case, you will need to use the xlsform to make edits to your survey project.

Please try to make this on UI in coming days instead XLS pain work

Yes, we already have an GitHub issue for this. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you track the same:

Thanks @Kal_Lam and appreciate your super support

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