Unable to click on "detect current location" using other languages in geopoint question

## Description

I added a geopoint question to my survey that is made of two languages. Whenever I try to fill the survey in English on any mobile device or tablet, clicking on the “detect current location” renders no issues.

However, when I switch to the other language, which is Arabic, on the mobile device, we are unable to click that button anymore. I tried to reproduce the steps on different mobile devices with no avail.

## Steps to Reproduce

I created a short video where I reproduce the issue with some voiceover explanation.

## Expected behavior
The expected behavior is that the “detect current location” button is supposed to work while in both languages on mobile devices via ENKETO.

## Actual behavior

When opening the survey on any mobile device using a browser like chrome etc. via ENKETO, the button works in English language but not in other languages.

## Additional details
I am opening the survey on a mobile phone or tablet using any browser such as chrome or the like via ENKETO.

Hello @omarmakki

  • Do you mean you switch to AR in the Collect/form setting?
  • And what is the language on the phone setting?
  • Would you mind to try with AR for the form and AR and then EN for the phone/device.

Hello @wroos

  • Do you mean you switch to AR in the Collect/form setting?
    The form I have is in EN and AR. When I try to click on “detect current location” (the button I boxed in red) while in EN, it works fine. That’s not the case when I switch to other languages like AR as I would not be able to toggle the button as I’ve demonstrated in the video
  • And what is the language on the phone setting?
    The language on all phones and tablets, including mine, were English (united states).
  • Would you mind to try with AR for the form and AR and then EN for the phone/device.
    I think I tried that, unless I did not get what you meant. Can you please clarify?


@omarmakki, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

@Kal_Lam, I went through the post you shared. Please note that:

  1. The location service/GPS on my mobile device (along with the others that were tested with) is on. The GPS button is clickable when i switch to the English version of the survey but not in Arabic (or any other language for that matter) on any mobile/tablet device.
  2. I do not have this issue on a computer device. The GPS select button works fine in both languages when I am on a PC. We only have such issue occur on a mobile phone device or a tablet device whenever we switch the form to a language other than English as shown in this short video I recorded.
  3. If it helps, I’ve shared the XLSForm here: test.xlsx (15.5 KB). I simply created a test form with one question as the geopoint in EN and AR which I’ve used reproduce the issue and explain my predicament in this short video.
  4. My mobile device (along with all devices I’ve used to test with) are using the English (United States) language setting.
  5. I am not using KoBoCollect. I am opening the form on the mobile’s app web browser which renders the form to run on ENKETO.

Kindly advise me on the matter. I believe that this is a bug in ENKETO and not an end-user-related issue. Do you think that we should contact ENKETO?

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Hello @omarmakki,
I agree, it seems a bug.
I tested it on a Samsung smartphone: Android 12 (Version One UI 4.1) and . Same strange behaviour, in Portrait mode. There seem to be further navigation/event problems here, if you change a value manually, the widget changes the colour (red), like missing value.

But it works if I turn the screen to Landscape!
Another workaround could be: Change temporarily to EN, take the GPS, then change back to AR.

We found two additional problems

  • In EN and AR, values for altitude and accuracy are partly hidden by the spinner icon.
  • All GPS terms are not translated (always in EN), e.g. longitude, accuracy etc.

See below
Full manual value for altitude and accuracy was 10,9 which is visibly hidden/cut of right (EN) or left (AR) by the spinner icon. Both widget elements are to small horizontally, in general.



These problems also exist when using the PC, inside the account or by link, or the Online validator (Firefox browser), and also if I change browser and KoBo account to AR language.

Furthermore, the positioning of the tick and pencil icons in the general AR buttons could be optimised (some space, like EN).

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@wroos those are a lot of bugs right there…

How can we escalate this to get them fixed? Should we contact ENKETO? (@Kal_Lam, FYI)

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Thank you, @omarmakki, for bringing this issue to the community. Thank you, @wroos, for testing the same and sharing a way out of this issue. We will soon update you on how we reach Enketo on this.

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