Unable to create new accounts for data collectors


I´m trying to create accounts for data collectors. I need to share them forms. After completing the information, I push the botton “create account” an error message (error 500) pops up. I´m having this problem since yesterday. Is there an alternative to share forms without creating account?

Hope this issue can be solved. Thank you!

@abrilgarciamur2021, could you share with me the name of your user account that you recently created in the OCHA server (through a private message)? I shall activate it for you.

@abrilgarciamur2021, kindly please note that i have activated the user account you shared with me through the private message.

Thank you! It´s activated. But I´m having the same issue with the other users as well and I need to create like 12 or 15

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Feel free to share with me the user account names through the private message. I shall activate them for you.

Thank you, I will create them all and send them to you. Thanks for your support

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@abrilgarciamur2021, I have activated them as well.

Thank you really much. I hope to be able to create the remaining accounts, if not I´ll get back to you. Thanks again!

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@abrilgarciamur2021, kindly please be informed that this issue has been resolved, and you should not see any error message when creating a user account with the OCHA server anymore.