Upgrade Storage

Hi Team Support,
Sorry if my question repeats itself, when you want to upgrade storage, for example from 1 GB to 50 GB, will the upgrade process affect the contents of the existing project? (such as data loss, settings changes, etc.?) Thank you

@fahmi_admin, when you try to upgrade your account, the changes will occur as soon as you make payments (online).

Please also be informed that you will not have to lose your data, nor will the settings in your account be changed. You will only get rid of the notifications if you have been seeing them (to upgrade your account).

Please feel free to contact us through support@kobotoolbox.org with any upgrade-related queries.

Ok, thank you team, I will let you know if the storage upgrade has been carried out.

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Hi Support Team,
Thank You. Last April 5 I tried upgrading the storage to 50 GB (monthly). Sorry if my question repeats itself: does this mean that this payment will be debited automatically from the credit card? and is there any prior notification? Thank You.

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@fahmi_admin, yes once the upgrade is being made the payments will be automatically debited from your card. But if you have any issues regarding the payments when upgrading your account please feel free to reach us at support@kobotoolbox.org. We would be happy to help!

Ok Thank you…

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