Upgrade Storage

Hi Team Support,
Sorry if my question repeats itself, when you want to upgrade storage, for example from 1 GB to 50 GB, will the upgrade process affect the contents of the existing project? (such as data loss, settings changes, etc.?) Thank you

@fahmi_admin, when you try to upgrade your account, the changes will occur as soon as you make payments (online).

Please also be informed that you will not have to lose your data, nor will the settings in your account be changed. You will only get rid of the notifications if you have been seeing them (to upgrade your account).

Please feel free to contact us through support@kobotoolbox.org with any upgrade-related queries.

Ok, thank you team, I will let you know if the storage upgrade has been carried out.

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Hi Support Team,
Thank You. Last April 5 I tried upgrading the storage to 50 GB (monthly). Sorry if my question repeats itself: does this mean that this payment will be debited automatically from the credit card? and is there any prior notification? Thank You.

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@fahmi_admin, yes once the upgrade is being made the payments will be automatically debited from your card. But if you have any issues regarding the payments when upgrading your account please feel free to reach us at support@kobotoolbox.org. We would be happy to help!

Ok Thank you…

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Hi support team,
Sorry, I want to ask a few more things:

  • Will the 50 GB storage be extended automatically? because if I look at the billing bill, the validity period of the storage usage starts from April 5-May 5 2024, and I still want to extend the 50 GB storage usage for the next month/period
  • Is Kobotoolbox only available for submission add-ons?

Thank You

@fahmi_admin, seems like you bought the storage add ons for a month. You will need to re-subscribe to that plan if you wish to use the same storage add ons for another month too.

Feel free to reach out to us through support@kobotoolbox.org for any subscription related issues. We would be able to provide detailed support there.

Hi Team Support,
How do I resubscribe, will it be automatic every month or do I have to resubscribe manually? Thank You

@fahmi_admin, you will need to subscribe to it manually. Feel free to reach us through support@kobotoolbox.org back for any other queries on upgrading.

Hi support team,
If the registration is manual, when should I do it, because currently I have a 50GB subscription for the period Apr 5-May 5. and I want to continue it for the next period. Will there be prior notification from you? Thank You

@fahmi_admin, I would say after May 5 to see if the system has not upgraded your account automatically. Everything is fine if it’s upgraded automatically; otherwise, you will need to make the upgrades manually.

Please feel free to reach out to us through support@kobotoolbox.org with subscription-related queries.

So, for now what should I do, because soon May 5 my subscription period will end. Thank You

@fahmi_admin, would advise you to wait till May 6 or reach us through support@kobotoolbox.org if you wish to upgrade your account in advance.

Oh ok, but I received this notification email on April 28th, this means will it be automatically renewed on May 5th?

Yes, it seems so. If you have subscription-related issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through support@kobotoolbox.org.

Thank you…

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Hi support team.
I want to ask a few things:

  • Submission–>The submission quota that I currently have is 5000 submissions every month, the quota that has been used so far is 2,144, the balance is 2,856, when the extension is done automatically on May 5, will the balance be reset back to 5000 submissions for month of the next period (May 5-June 5) ?

  • Storage–>I have a storage subscription of 50 GB/month, so far the storage used is 1.55 GB, balance is 48.4 GB. When the extension is carried out automatically on May 5, will the balance be reset back to 50 GB for the next month (May 5-June 5)?

Thank You.


No! This is because if you purchased 50GB/month storage, it’s valid for that month only. You will need to buy another storage add-on for another month.

  • Then what about the next month (May 5-June 5) when the automatic extension is carried out, do I still use the remaining balance from the previous month or what?

  • By the way, in Indonesia it is now May 5 2024, but why isn’t there an automatic extension yet?

Thank You