Uploading submissions manually

I’m trying to upload a couple of submissions that I’ve manually copied from the tablet used to conduct the interviews.
I pulled out the “instances” folder, kept only the submission that I needed, compressed it as a zip file then tried to upload it to the page indicated by the support article , but I’m getting an error message:

500 Error
If this is a significant error that needs to be fixed, please send a support request to support@kobotoolbox.org with information about what triggered this error.

Any ideas?

Have you gone through our support article Manually Uploading Submissions. It should help you solve your issue.

yes I have. As I’ve mentioned in the post above, I followed the steps in the support article.

Would you mind uploading the entire data and then only try deleting the submissions once it has safely reached the server.

but they’re so many. it’s gonna be hard filtering out duplicate or unwanted submissions if they are mixed with other submissions that are in the server.

btw, I noticed that the upload link relates to the legacy interface.


could that be the problem?
because it’s also giving me the following message:

We no longer recommend using the legacy interface. Please access all our new features in the new interface (new map, table, reports, labeled data exports, etc.). If you have deployed your project directly in the legacy interface, there is no way to use these new features. This legacy interface will be removed shortly.

You could delete multiple submissions through the KoBoToolbox server as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Could Briefcase be used to upload those submissions to the server?

Haven’t tried with ODK Briefcase. Maybe someone using ODK Briefcase could explain.

It finally worked using ODK Briefcase!
Nothing else worked.

After setting Briefcase up, I pulled the submissions from the odk folder that I had found on the data collection tablets. It only worked when I pulled the whole odk folder, not just the instances folder. I deleted all the unwanted submissions from the instances folder first not to have to worry about duplication or overwriting something by mistake.

Then I pushed the submissions to the server using the url: https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/

The submissions showed up instantly.

Thanks for the effort @Kal_Lam

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Glad to know that if worked for you! Thank you also for confirming that it worked. This post could be a reference to users having similar issues in the future.