Use Child user account to add submissions in ODK Collect

Hi there,

When you create a form (you are the parent account), you can share the right to add submissions with a child account.

Nevertheless, when you want to fill the form on your device by using the child account link you can not. You need to use the parent acount URL.

It is not normal as a “child” user that you need to enter the parent account URL rather than the child one to add submissions in ODK Collect.

I am using EXCEL 2013, KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

I think permiting to use the child account link would make it more logical, as the child user then sends to his own account, to which the parent account has access.

Thank you to take this into account :slight_smile:

Hi @chloelaborde,

Suppose you have shared a project from User_A to User_B. In your context, User_A is the parent account (also known as the admin account) and User_B is the child account (also known as the enumerator’s account).

To Get Blank Form to Collect android app for either User_A or User_B, you could configure your Collect android app's settings as follows:

  • Open your Collect android app
  • Press General Settings
  • Press Server
  • In the URL type if you are using the HHI server or type if you are using the OCHA server.
  • Type your username (parent username, if you are a parent user or the child username if you are a child user) under the Username.
  • Type your password (parent password, if you are a parent user or the child password if you are a child user) under the Password.

This configuration should allow you to sync your Collect android app with your KoBoToolbox user account. For details, you could also have a look at our support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android.

Have a great day!