"Username not found" when viewing collected data? What's the issue here. I'd like to collect usernames for my project

“Username not found” when viewing collected data? What’s the issue here. I’d like to collect usernames for my project.

Hi Ryon,

I guess by this you meant you had set the question type username to be picked. Unfortunately this does not pick the “suggested characteristic username” you may have to create a very specific question that would pick this characteristics.


I’m having the same problem. I have created a form and am collecting data. I would like to share the results we’ve collected with others. I created USERNAME1 as advised. But how does someone login as USERNAME1 to access the results? Thanks.


Hi @demlabs,

You could probably go through the support article Managing Permissions to learn more on providing access to users to view data and forms.


Normally when you are collecting metadata using the functionality username, you should know the following:
• When you collect the data using online webform-This data will not be captured and it will be defined as “username not found”
• When you collect the data using the app KoboCollect or ODKCollect- This data will be collected and the username will be documented for the account that is logged into the application

Hope this helps in resoling your issue.

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I have multiple projects whcih require authentication for submitting data and I have assigned relevant permissions to users for the same. We collect data online with Enketo forms.

But sometimes, the data shows “username not found” for some form entries making it diffcult to track user-specific submissions. ( screenshot attached)

Looking for help in resolving the same.

Thanks in advance.

Please see this thread for response to your issue


Thank you for suggesting the thread. It helps.

As I mentioned, we collect all data through Enketo forms only. Some submissions do show the user_name field while other don’t. The xlsform I wrote explicitly collects this metadata -

Will collecting this metadata - help in displaying username ?


You need the metadata to collect, however you must specify that the form requires log in for data collection for the metadata to pick the username.


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Yes, we have done that as well.

Hi @shb,

Please be informed that if you wish to see the user_name in your dataset you will need to ensure the followings:

  • Collect your data with KoBoCollect android app. Collecting data with the web form does not support managing user_name.
  • Configure your KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the discussion that has happened here.
  • Configure your project’s Layout & Settings as outlined in the discussion that has happened here.

Have a great day!

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Thank you very much for the detailed response. It really helps @Kal_Lam

Good day to you too :slight_smile:

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