Activating an individual questionnaire only if there are eligible respondents from within a household roster

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Thank you again for the help you give us when we ask you. I need your recourse to this situation.
Indeed, I have a household questionnaire and an individual question.
The household questionnaire is sent to the head of the household who lists all the usual members of the household. With variables
101. Name of household member / visitor
What is $'firstname’s relationship to the head of household?
103. Is $‘firstname’ male or female?
104. How old was $‘firstname’ at their last birthday?
What is $'firstname’s current marital status?
106. Does $‘firstname’ usually live here?
Did $‘firstname’ stay here last night?
So when a household member is over 15 years old, then he is eligible for the individual questionnaire that opens automatically in ODK (option to edit a form) and the household questionnaire is also backed up in sent a form in ODK.
To complete the individual questionnaire of the eligible, we simply enter an edict form, and we fill out the form. In the end, two separate forms are obtained for this example, including that of the household and individual completed.
So how to create these two forms separately having a link between them.

Could you kindly clarify what an edict form is?

a form is in a way the questionnaire that is completed

Do you mean you wish to see the individual forms once there is an eligible respondent in the household so that you could fill his/her information?

Exactly, when there is an eligible respondent in the household, then an individual questionnaire is created automatically (in odk, this appears in edit form).

In this case, you could simply skip a group if a condition is met as shown in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:

Image 2

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo: when a condition is not met

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo: when a condition is met

Reference xlsform:

Selecting an Eligible Respondent.xlsx (11.3 KB)

we don’t know yet. you need two separate questionnaires. because if these questionnaires remain in the state, it would be very difficult to finalize the questionnaire because some eligible ones can not be present in the individual questionnaire to answer. It is important that it is separated from each other so that an eligible person does not answer the individual questionnaire, it is possible to finalize the questionnaire.

Could you, please, share the ODK solution here you use to create and link the individual forms (based on household form)…

What do you want to do with empty or incomplete individual questionnaires?

If you will not send or delete them on the device you could use Kal_Lam’s approach with a completeness question and removing an indiviual part by a relevant clause.

Of course, you might also work for the individuals without any required fields.

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what I am asking is that the two questionnaires must not appear on the same screen as presented by KAL.CIP1-Household-Questionnaire-v1-jkp.xlsx (78.7 KB)