Cannot login to my user account!

My projects are still not available. Also, I can no longer access my humanitarian account.

@ArnoldKouassi, could you kindly explain your issue in detail. Maybe we could help you out.

I send you screenshots.

Kindly please be informed that there are two servers (HHI and the OCHA) for KoBoToolbox. If you have an account in one of the server and you try to open your account through the link for the other server, you are unable to login. Thus it’s important that you login with the right link.

For an HHI account, try login through this link

For an OCHA account, try login through this link

If you still have login issues with the link provided above, please reach us through We shall reset your login password. But for this please reach us back with the following information (from the email that you registered your KoBoToolbox user account):

  • Username
  • Server (HHI or OCHA)
  • Email ID

I used the same logins on, and it passed. However, no projects.

OK, could you provide us the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (seems to be HHI)

Seems like you are login to a wrong server. Try login to the OCHA server. I could see the following project details in your user account:

You could login to your OCHA server this link

I still cannot access my account on the OCHA server.

Seems like you are trying to login through a wrong password. As advised above, if you have an issue with password please reach us through

Okay, that’s understood.

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But please note that you will need to reach us through the email that was registered with the user account.

Yes, it’s done.

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