Create a Choice list From Existed submission

how i can create a choice list from existing responses in the same form and they are updated with each submission please could anyone help me I need that more so i can do autocomplete and find the name that i have added it before

@mediaan, could you kindly describe your requirement with a simple dummy questions and choices? Maybe having the same, the community should be able to help you out.

Let us, please, avoid to post your question to the forum twice, see Create a select one question from previous submission.
Would you mind to delete the second one, please?
In case of add-ons, you can edit your posts.

Are you using Collect or Enketo?

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I want to have a select_one question whose values are updated with every submission, and these values are the name of the beneficiaries. that because i want to make this question autocomplete so that when i write just a few letters, this question will be filtered and then i can pick up the name from the filtered choices

Im using Collect

What is the reason, please, that you posted the same issue now again, see Link select_one options to the previous submissions, especially to the name of beneficiaries ? (@Kal_Lam)

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i want to populate the options of select_one question with the names of the beneficiaries that i entered before.

So, do you mean you wish to have the text question entered previously shown as a choice? Did you also mean this should be on the same form, or can the text question be updated in Form A and the text that was entered on Form A be a choice for select_one question type in Form B or should it be a choice in Form A?