Displaying “Other” answer in the next question in choices

Dear all,

If ‘other’ is selected in the previous question, in the next question is asked to specify what ‘other’ is. In final question, I would like to have it returned as a possible answer in choices that can be selected.

The answer appears normally in the label section in the survey, but it does not appear as a option in the multiple select.

Here is the form:
Trial_errors.xlsx (16.1 KB)

I would like to hear your thoughts regarding this!


@Webex, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Dear Kal_Lam,

Thanks for the feedback! I have tried to implement the construction in my form:

Trial_errors1.xlsx (16.0 KB)

when selecting ‘other’ in the multiple select and entering the answer in the text question, in the next ranking question the answer in the text question comes back as a select-able choice with other choices. However, I do no get it working…

@Webex, did the shared post work as expected? If yes, you may need to understand how the syntax was framed. You could then implement it in your form.

The shared XLSform works. I stripped the XLSform down completely and letting only what is needed to work (TVET Census V4_R (1).xlsx (21.4 KB)). I have noticed three things:

  1. A repeat is needed to let the entered text come back as a choice in select_one or select_multiple. You leave out the repeat and just use thetext question and store the answer in the calculate or you can not use begin group, because you only need one answer and not multiple answers.
  2. You can not store a text question answer with ${your_text_answer}, you need to use for example concat(${your_text_answer}) to store the given text question answer and being able to use it for other purposes.
  3. In the previous post: Displaying a required list of dynamic choices (in a select multiple question) based on the number of text response used within a repeat group - #6 by Kal_Lam, “Note: Here the labels are not shown. This should be a bug in Enketo. However if you try the same in KoBoCollect android app it works smoothly and you are too able to see the label.” is no longer applicable. The labels are now shown in the choices.

Can anyone explain bullet 1 and 2?

There seems to be a Enketo problem still, when choice_filter is used with dynamic choice list, see Dynamic choice label with choice_filter - Update problem in Enketo (KoBo).
You might test this: if it works well without choice_filter.

Indeed, when using Dynamic Choice Label 02.xlsx in this issue, I can see this Enketo problem!

I also noted that when using for example ‘C4a’ in Include_Other.xlsx (22.2 KB) in combination with the filter, the updated text answer after choosing ‘Other’ shows up in the choices:

However, when using for example a choice list with ‘one 209__table__8.89b’ in
Include_Other.xlsx (22.2 KB) (adapted), in combination with the filter, the updated text answer after choosing ‘Other’ does not show up in the choices

but I do not yet understand why.

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