Need to develop my experience and knowledge

I want to develop my knowledge and experience in Kobo
Is there any online payed training that I can do? if yes can I have a certificate?
Thanks in advance

@lailayaacoub, you could do the following to learn using KoboToolbox:

  • Explore this community forum, as many issues are documented very well.
  • Explore our support articles here. The support article covers a wide range of topics.
  • Reach us at for a KoboToolbox training (both virtual/physical training). It would be much easier for us to organize a training if you already have a group.
  • We are also brining a self-learning eplatform soon. We will announce this once it’s ready.
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@lailayaacoub, our online course is ready …

Best wishes!

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Thank you very much. I was awaiting that anxiously.

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You may find more good sources using the (famous) search function of this forum. e.g. Search results for 'training material' - KoboToolbox Community Forum


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