Not able to enter GPS data in Enketo

Hey @Kal_Lam

I had a similar problem where I was unable to pick up location information when using the kobo form on mobile phones both android and I phones.

By using the placement -map option, I was able to pick up location by typing in the address but the ‘Detect current location’ button is still not working. Can you please tell me how to enable that as well?

Welcome to the community, @ranjni! Are you collecting data through Enketo?

Thank you @Kal_Lam
yes i am collecting data through Enketo

@ranjni, can you share with us a screenshot of how it looks at your end?

first i will share the screen shot of the form when i open it in my laptop and it works fine and then i will share the screen shot from my mobile where the ‘detect current location’ button does not work Screenshot (222)

Here is the screen shot of my phone where it doesnt work

@ranjni, seems like it’s a configuration issue which you should be able to solve by following it through the post discussed previously: