Server 500 error when creating new kobo account


I am trying to create a new kobo account. After keying in the details and press ‘Create Account’, I got a Server 500 error. Please assist.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Would you mind giving it a second try and then seeing if you can create an account?

I am still having the same issue. I also tried resetting the account and got the same error, since when I tried creating the same account I was trying before I got an error, I got a prompt that the account already exists.


I have noticed when I use a different email address to register or reset - it goes through without the error. Is there a limit in the number of accounts that one email address can register?

@dkuria, could you provide me the user name you are trying to provide so that i could check it with the system to see if it is already there? Please share it through a private message.

@dkuria, the user name you shared with me through a private message is already registered in the OCHA server. I guess it’s registered with your official email (IOM ?). If you have issues getting back your password, please reach us through with the email you registered your user account.

The issue is the Sever 500 error I am getting - I am still having the same problem when trying to create an account.

@dkuria, would you mind trying to use a different and a unique user name (other then what you have shared with me through a private message) to see if you still see the issue? Feel free to share with me the username that throws back the 500 error.