Using csv file to as external data source to populate drop down

Hi Team,

I am trying to use the data from the csv file to populate the drop down.

I am using the fruits example as shown in the below link:

But it gives me the error : External instance fruits is empty.

Can you please help me on this on what I am missing here ?


@YogeshNagawkar, did you use the exact files to test it? If you used the exact files but still received an error message, could you please also share the error message with the community?

Yes I have used the exact files to test.

Following is the screenshot of the error:


@Kal_Lam : I have also tried using the pull data functionality by referring the below example

This has the example of household Id. It gives me the similar error of “External instance “HouseholdID” is empty.”

Please let me know if I am missing anything.


@Kal_Lam : Did you get the chance to review what am i missing ?