Using dynamic data attachment to populate choice lists for select_one and select_multiple fields

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Now that we have the feature of dynamic data attachment to synchronize data from separate projects, I’m wondering if we can use this feature to populate choice lists for the select-one and select-multiple questions as an alternative to updating external files in order to add new choices. The current documentation page for (Dynamic Data Attachments shows how to use it similar to how you would use the pulldata() function (e.g., dynamically selecting an answer from a choice list based on a match from a unique identifier).

What I would like to achieve is, for example, a Tags field (select-multiple) in which the options in the choice list are populated from answers submitted in a text field name Tag in another form. Have anyone tried something like this? I’ll be grateful for any hints on whether this is possible.

Welcome to the community, @fpichardom! We will explore this possibility and update our support article soon. Thank you for brining this through the community.

Also please be informed that I am linking your post with our other post to keep track of your suggestions.

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Happy new year everyone!

Any updates on this @Kal_Lam ?

It should take time @paani! We will update you through the community announcement if we do have any.

I am also looking for the same. it will solve a big hurdle in suveys


This post has attracted my attention as the most important issue of how to lookup choices from the parent form,

Any update or scheduled release on this topic?

Thank you

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@Kal_Lam hey there, quick ping to check if there’s been any progress on this topic? It would be a really useful thing to have, to be able to use dynamic data attachments not just for pulldata but also for select_one / select_multiple questions

@yjouanique, you should be able to dynamically link your projects with select_one or select_multiple question types. Sorry if I misunderstood your query.

Hmm, I’m not sure I understand the answer :slight_smile:

My question was essentially the same as the original post: can we use data from the linked parent project as a source for the options in a select_one / select_multiple question? If yes, then what is the syntax? My attempts have not worked, including trying with select_one_external / select_one_from_file

Dynamic data attachments are a really cool feature, but without the ability to use it in choice questions, I think its usefulness is considerably lower…


OK. I now got your query clearly. Sorry to inform you that this feature is still not available.

Can we raise this as a feature request @Kal_Lam ? It looks like we’re almost there, and it would be so useful…

Great! @yjouanique, I have changed this post to a suggestion box. Maybe you could VOTE for it to make it a reality in the near future.


Hi there,

I want to know if there is any update on this topic.

I am linking a child project to a parent project using the Dynamic Data Attachment feature.

In my chlid project, I want to appear others questions based on the anwers to a select_one or select_multiple question from the parent project. When referencing an answer to a choice question in the child project to use it in the relevance syntax for a new question, the choice made in the parent project doesn’t appear while it works perfectly when referencing questions of text and integer variables types.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue ?

Kind regards.

could you share the related parts of the two forms: the questions, incl. the reference and the relevant clause (in XLSForm), please?

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Agreed! Using an external csv seems to defeat the purpose of having a dynamic connection between projects,
Upvoted as I hope this can be included in future developments!! Thanks for the work.

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Hey everyone,

Any news on this much-appreciated update?

Thanks to the team,

Welcome to the community, @meal_team_palma! The feature is still not supported yet!

Hi All,

I am new to KoboToolBox, and am trying to create parent-child forms that will do exactly what this thread is about: generate and automatically update choice lists for a select_one question in a child form given new responses to a text question in the parent form. For example, users write in a respondent name or id in a parent form, and then in the child form can select one from a list of respondent names or ids.

This seems to be the same issue referenced in this post: Pull data from Parent project for select_one or select_many choice list - #3 by darrenk

What is the likelihood that this feature will be added in the near future? Thanks so much!

Welcome to the community, @DanielJohnRead! It’s one of the most requested features with the Dynamic Data Attachment. We could put this in the features development list if someone were willing to sponsor this feature. Are you or someone from this community interested? If yes, please feel free to reply. Your small contribution would make a significant impact on KoboToolbox.

Hi @Kal_Lam! Thanks so much for your reply. As I’m still new here, can I ask what exactly it means to sponsor a feature, and then how much it would cost and how long it would take to get this feature developed?

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