How do i skip a group of questions based on a previous response?

Hello friends,

Is it possible to use the ‘if then else’ command to execute a part or not of a survey (script).

For example: if the answer for my first question is ‘yes’ then i execute the first part of my survey if the answer is ‘no’ i execute the second part of my survey.?

Thank you already for your help


The solution is so simple Sorry for the question. kind regards

Hi @jmgtoolbox,

Please see the image below to skip a question based on a previous response. I have tried to skip Section A and Section B based on the gender question.

In the xlsform survey sheet:

In the xlsform choices sheet:

Reference xlsform:
Group Skip.xlsx (25.0 KB)


Very thank you i apply that and it’s up and running!


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