Unable to login to my account


I am experiencing login problems as discussed here before. I tried loging in through the OCHA and HHI server links as mentioned by @Kal_Lam (altough I do not fully understand what those are).

Also tried to reset the password twice, at no avail.

Is there any other way of entering?

with the very best regards,

Rui Prieto from Azores Whale Lab

Welcome to the community @azwhlab! Would you mind reaching us through (email) at support@kobotoolbox.org with the email that you registered for the user account with the following information:

Server (HHI or OCHA)
Email ID (registered your KoBoToolbox user account)

Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion @Kal_Lam. The instant I read your message there was a (rare) flash of light in my brain. I was using the email as username. Using the username registered in the HHI server solved the non-issue.

I am sorry for wasting your and anyone’s time with such a rookie mistake, but maybe this will save some trouble to some other absent-minded person like me in the future.

Thank you and the community again,