Security of account

If anyone change my password and email address after entering into the web interface. how can i recover my same user password

Could you kindly let us know the server you are using?


When was the last time you logged into your account? Have your shared your login credentials to anyone else in your team?

The same password was given to some field workers of my team. One of them changed but could not identified.

OK, could you kindly share with us your username through a private message.

It was happended before but i want to know is there any precaution for next time

So you mean you have your user login credentials safe with you?

The credential is is safe to me but if it is happen that my password changed what can i do?

You will need to report us at We will help you verify the process.

Hi @milon
The first instance is that this is an entirely unsecured approach that you guys have undertaken in sharing your username and passwords to people on the field. Normally when this happens and we have issues, we are often not able to help you resolve them since you have literally abdicated your security rights when you do so.

Since inception, we have always had ever-improving share form functions that allow you to share the specific form/project with different users and allocate different permissions to them. We would advise that you use this approach that is explained in the support article below to ensure that you safeguard your main account.


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