How do we control an unwanted submission from a user (person) who should have accidentally acquired the survey link?

I wanted to ask you something else: do you know if it’s possible to change the URL direction on a daily basis for example? (obviously without deploying the same form over and over again?) The thing is, I am receiving some submissions from people that got the link from another respondent (not from myself), so to prevent this from happening I was thinking that maybe I could change the URL on a regular basis, do you know if it’s possible?

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Hi @Silvana

You could do this by configuring your KoBoTooolbox account settings by checking the Require authentication to see forms and submit data which is present under the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS (as shown in the image below).

Do not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES after making the changes. To ensure that your settings has been configured, re-login to your account and see if the chosen configuration is still on.

After making this configuration, the user should not be able to submit data to your server. S/he will only be able to submit the data if your share your login credentials. The user will see the following dialogue box (if they try to submit the data):


Note: If you do not want to share your original (admin) login credentials, you could follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open another KoBoToolbox user account (data entry account).
  • Configure the account setting as outlined above.
  • Share your survey project with this user account (the user account just created) as outlined in the support article here.
  • Provide the login credentials to the enumerators of the data entry account to fill up the survey form.

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